Wider Smiles Teeth Whitening Reviews- Know Pen Price & Usage

Teeth Whitening

People always say that the very first impression that we leave on others is considered to be a long-lasting and impactful one as this is how others see us from that very moment forward. Some people also have the benefit of having better 5 impressions as compared to others because of being sexy, good looking, and smart, exciting, attractive and handsome. These attributes need a combination of a glowing and healthy looking skin, clear and engaging eyes, well-groomed hair and a wide and bright smile.

For glowing and healthy skin, you may use the skin care creams and serum and on the other hand, for healthy hair, you may use the hair nutrients or even apply hair growth oil. In case of eyes, it has been found that using the contact lenses or having colored lenses may help in elevating the whole impression you have as compared to the glasses. Since, for getting a wider and brighter smile, a daily habit of cleaning your teeth and whitening teeth with the products such as this, it’s recommended by the experts for giving best first impression when you meet someone for the first time.

A lot of people are curious about which teeth whitening product should they use. So, below are some important information about the health of teeth and the teeth whitening products generally.

Major reasons to have unsightly teeth

Having unsightly teeth which have been discolored can be quite real and become a major issue to deal with. Stained and ugly teeth look very bad and may cause a negative impression on people. The independent experts and scientists have researched a number of reasons for ugly and stained teeth for several decades and below are some of the causes for stained teeth:

Tobacco- Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco is one of the most common reasons for stained teeth across the world.

Drinks and food- Coffee, tea, wine, and soda, as well as some vegetables and fruits, may leave the teeth stained.

A lack of dental hygiene- Not brushing the teeth frequently enough or even not using dental floss as well as mouth wash may cause plaque build-up as well as teeth stains.

Trauma- Physical trauma like hard fall may also cause discoloration of teeth.

External environment- The environmental factors such as excessive fluoride consumption through toothpaste, water and supplements may cause discoloration of the tooth.

Pharmaceutical drugs- Medications such as Antihistamines, Tetracycline, and Doxycycline may also lead to discoloration of teeth.

Getting old- Aging leads to thinning of the outermost layer of enamel of teeth causing yellowing of teeth.

What to expect from a good quality at home teeth whitening product

Most of the people are of the opinion that since at home teeth whitening procedures and products cost less than having the teeth whitened at the clinic, the results are much better. However, some researchers suggest that most of these products do not offer the similar kind of result as the professional teeth whitening procedure. This is the quality of the products that this company offers.