Top 6 Most Popular Male Enhancement Supplements India [Year 2020]

Male Enhancement

Most people deny the fact that even in modern age sexual performance in bed is as important as it was. Your inability to perform well may not only affect you directly but could also jeopardize your relationship. Due to this many male enhancement supplements have surfaced and each claim to improve your sexual function. But when you have so many options, how could you identify the right product for you. In this article, that is what we are going to explore. I will introduce you to five supplements that stand out from the rest when it comes to improving your performance.

The following supplements have all been formulated using natural yet powerful ingredients to increase your stamina and energy levels.

What are the commonly used ingredients in male enhancements?

All of the above five ingredients uses 100% natural ingredients which ensure safety and have little to no side effects. Following are some of the common ingredients used in most male enhancement supplement.

  • Tribulus Terrestris – It is used to improve virility and vitality in male and also has the ability to naturally increase testosterone levels. It could also act as an aphrodisiac and help men with erection issues.
  • Horny Goat Weed – It may positively effect on the blood circulation to ensure the delivery of essential nutrients across your body.
  • Tongkat Ali – It might help to combat against the sexual decline associated with growing age. It may also restore your youthful stamina and energy.
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract – It is a traditional herb that may improve your sexual function as well as improve circulation.

1. Testo Ultra

This male enhancement supplement by works as a testosterone enhancer and may improve libido and support hormonal balance. It may help you to fight against the problems that come with growing age. Testo Ultra by BioTrim Labs might also naturally restore the body’s ability to produce testosterone to increase your endurance and stamina. This, in turn, may restore your feeling of youthful strength, energy and well being. It uses all natural ingredients that have the ability to harness the full potential of nature. By reducing the feeling of fatigue and tiredness, it may help you build muscle mass and heighten sexual appetite. Testo Ultra for erectile dysfunction is the most selling & most popular supplement according to our stats.

2. Vixea Man Plus

Vixea Man Plus uses the blend of all natural ingredients that are proven to improve your performance during intercourse. Its formula may target the root cause of sexual dysfunctions to ensure that you are able to satisfy your partner. Apart from that, it might also offer you an increase in sexual stamina and power to enjoy intimate sessions. The blood flow in the penile chambers is crucial to help you develop stronger erections. Thanks to Vixea Man Plus, it may boost blood flow to the penile area to help you enjoy powerful erections. It could also allow the penile chambers to hold more blood to increase your staying power. This, in turn, may help you last longer during intimate sessions and ensure complete satisfaction. With a consistent increase in blood flow to the manhood, it may increase the size of erections, both length and girth wise. Overall, it may enhance your sexual function and help you reach your peak performance.

3. RX24

It works as a testosterone booster and may help to restore hormonal balance in your body. It may naturally increase the levels of free testosterone to help you preserve muscle mass and strength. It might also increase men’s sexual drive and help you produce bigger and harder erections to last longer in bed. By increasing your energy levels, it may help you train harder at the gym to build stronger muscles. It could increase your sexual appetite to ensure that you satisfy your partner while lasting longer during intercourse.

4. Magnumax

It uses the blend of clinically tested ingredients that may work to restore your sexual youth and performance. It contains a dual action formula that not only increases your stamina but also helps you achieve rock-hard erections. This might further ensure that you are able to satisfy your partner while also enjoying blissful intercourse with multiple orgasms. It could work to increase blood flow to the penile area by using its composition of all natural extracts. It may replenish the sexual energy stores across your body. This, in turn, may help to increase the size of your manhood, both length and girth wise.

5. VigRX Plus

It has been manufactured using clinically tested and proven ingredients to your sexual health and performance. With regular use, it may help to relieve struggle with sexual issues and ensure long-term satisfaction. It is specially designed to rebuild your strength and stamina over time and restore your ability to reach peak performance. With the ability to maintain an erection for a prolonged period, it may help you feel more confident in the bedroom. It could also improve other aspects of sexual health such as libido, intercourse satisfaction, and orgasmic sensation.

6. ProSolution Plus

It uses an advanced formula to increase male potency, quality of erections and overall sexual function. It may help to address the concern of common sexual dysfunctions and restore your youthful performance. This male enhancement supplement may offer you greater sexual drive or libido, performance to enjoy intercourse again. It may increase the blood circulation to the penile area for harder erections. Apart from that, it might also expand the penile chambers to increase its blood holding capacity. This, in turn, may help you last for longer duration and reduce the risk of premature ejaculation. 

Compare Male Enhancement Supplements

SupplementRatingPriceFree TrialAvailabilityReturn 
Testo Ultra4.5/5NANot AvailableIn StockAvailable
Vixea Man Plus4.5/5NAAvailableIn StockAvailable
RX244/5INR 1450Not AvailableIn StockAvailable
Magnumax3.5/5NAAvailableIn StockAvailable
VigRX Plus3/5NAAvailableOut of StockAvailable
ProSolution Plus3/5NAAvailableIn StockAvailable